Dr. Claude Ribordy
Technical Advisor

Dr. Claude Ribordy obtained his Diploma in nuclear physics from the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich (Prof W. Pauli, theoretical physics, and E. Stiefel, applied mathematics) and his PhD in nuclear spectroscopy, from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Since 1973, he has devoted himself to geophysical research, initially coding several seismic and mapping packages with Aquitaine Canada (Rainbow reefs), Petro-Canada and BP/Talisman/Repsol . In 1994, he found an ideal opportunity to join Dan Hampson and Brian Russell at Hampson-Russell Software to contribute to the modeling tools of AVO and EMERGE and at CGG developing new geophysical attributes to detect geological discontinuities like faults, fractures and faults. Claude keeps contact with the scientific community through organizations like the CSEG, CSPG (Judge for the Link Award), SEG, EAGE, SIA and IEEE (Life Member). He is registered as Professional Geophysicist (P.Geoph.) in the province of Alberta. Claude enjoys hobbies of choir, hiking, x-country skiing and mountain climbing.


E-mail: clauderibordyhotmailcom
Phone: 1-403-220-5026