Nadine Igonin
Ph.D. Student
Supervisor: Kris Innanen/David Eaton

Nadine Igonin received her B.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Calgary in 2016. During her last year of undergraduate studies, she worked with Dr. David Eaton, the director of the Microseismic Industry Consortium, with research focused on developing improved methods to detect and locate microseismic events caused by hydraulic fracturing.

Nadine joined Crewes in September 2016 to begin her direct-entry Ph.D. with the supervision of both Dr. David Eaton and Dr. Kris Innanen. Her current project focuses on using passive surface seismic monitoring to study microseismic events, and she has a strong interest in full waveform inversion.


E-mail: naigoninucalgaryca