Siming (Emma) Lv
M.Sc. Student
Supervisor: Kris Innanen

Emma received her B.Sc. in China University of Petroleum( East China) in 2015. She was involved in an exchange program with University of Calgary in her senior year and had the opportunity to work with Kris Innanen and CREWES for 6 months. Her research project was titled “Research on Hagedoorn’s Plus-Minus Method and Its Realization in Matlab GUI”. In September 2015 Emma returned to the U of C as a graduate student to once again work with CREWES.

As a big fan of outdoor activities, she likes to be involved in hiking, skating and will also try to learn to ski in Calgary this winter. Photography is one of her hobbies as well.


E-mail: siminglvucalgaryca
Phone: 1-403-220-2483