Winnie Ajiduah
Ph.D. Student
Supervisor: Gary Margrave

Sitamai (Winnie) Ajiduah received her B.Sc degree in industrial physics in 2006 from the University of Benin in Nigeria, and a master's degree in applied geophysics from the University of Port Harcourt. Her past research was time-lapse seismic analysis for locating by-passed oil and fault-shadow imaging. She worked as a research intern with Shell Nigeria in 2012-2013. Winnie joined CREWES in January 2014 to pursue her doctorate degree with Gary Margrave. Her primary focus is in the area of seismic anisotropic modeling with Q, data processing and seismic imaging.


E-mail: sajiduahucalgaryca
Phone: 1-403-220-2483