New wireless thumper controller

Kevin L. Bertram

CREWES has access to a shear wave accelerated weight drop thumper source. A mass is raised using hydraulics against pressurized nitrogen (~1000psi) and then releases it to strike an aluminum foot to generate seismic energy. This thumper has the ability to drive energy straight down or to be tilted forty five degrees to either side to generate shear waves.

The thumper control system is simplistic in that it is a set of single pole double throw switches that control the hydraulic valves. Currently the operator has to stand near the thumper, specifically near the engine, to run it. This exposes the operator to high pressure hydraulics and nitrogen as well as the heat and noise of the engine.

To make it safer and more comfortable for the operator a wireless controller for the thumper has been built. This device has a fairly large range but is expected to only be used a few metres from the thumper. With cold weather in mind, this is designed to be used from within the vehicle that is towing the thumper.