Conference Abstracts 2009

Meeting Author(s) Title Availability
CSEG Paul F. Anderson Comparing Post-Stack AVO inversion to Prestack Inversion for Estimating Rock Properties   Document
CSEG John C. Bancroft* On Choosing Differential Operators   Document
CSEG Peng Cheng* and Gary F. Margrave Color Correction for Gabor Deconvolution and Nonstationary Phase Rotation   Document
CSEG Robert J. Ferguson* and Gary F. Margrave 3D Anisotropic Phase Shift Operators   Document
CSEG Arnim B. Haase* and Robert R. Stewart Modelling Near-Field Effects in VSP-based Q-estimation Part 1: Theoretical Developments   Document
CSEG Arnim B. Haase* and Robert R. Stewart Modelling Near-Field Effects in VSP-based Q-estimation Part 2: Modelling Results   Document
CSEG Lejia Han*, Joe Wong, John C. Bancroft, and Robert R. Stewart Automatic Time Picking and Velocity Determination on Full Waveform Sonic Logs   Document
CSEG David C. Henley*, Kevin W. Hall, Malcolm Bertram, and Eric Gallant Increasing Seismic Resolution by Decreasing Receiver Spacing   Document
CSEG Chad Hogan*, Ken Hedlin, Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux Feasibility Testing of Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring with Full Waveform Tomography   Document
CSEG Michael S. Hons* and Robert R. Stewart Geophone and MEMS Accelerometer Comparison at Spring Coulee, Alberta   Document
CSEG Michael P. Lamoureux* and Gary F. Margrave Properties of Gabor Operators for Seismic Imaging   Document
CSEG P.M. Manning Finite-Difference Elastic Modelling Below a Structured Free Surface   Document
CSEG Jason McCrank*, Don Lawton and Cheran Mangat Geostatistical Inversion of Seismic Data from Thinly Bedded Ardley Coals   Document
CSEG Maria F. Quijada* and Robert R. Stewart Integration of Well Logs and Seismic Data for Prediction of Elastic Properties in a Heavy Oil Sand Reservoir: Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan   Document
CSEG J. F. Tan and R. R. Stewart and J. Wong Classification of microseismic events via principal component analysis of trace statistics   Document
CSEG Roxana M. Varga* and Robert R. Stewart Delineating Sand Channels using 3D-3C Seismic Data: Manitou Lake Heavy Oilfield, Saskatchewan   Document
CSEG Ben D. Wards*, Gary F. Margrave, and Michael P. Lamoureux The Phase Shift Time Stepping Equation and the Marmousi Data Set   Document
CSEG J. Wong and L. Han and J. C. Bancroft and R. R. Stewart Automatic time-picking of first arrivals on noisy microseismic data   Document
CSEG Joe Wong*, Kevin W. Hall, Eric V. Gallant, Rolf Maier, Malcolm B. Bertram and Don C. Lawton The Modernized U of C Seismic Physical Modelling Facility   Document
CSEG Joe Wong*, Soo K. Miong, Robert R. Stewart, Eric V. Gallant and Kevin W. Hall Shallow VSP Survey Using a Small Vibrator Source   Document
CSEG Dali Zhang, Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave Inverse Modeling the Quality Factor in an Attenuating Medium   Document
CSEG Zimin Zhang* and Robert R. Stewart Seismic Detection of Cracks in Carbonates Associated with Potash Mining   Document
CSEG Zimin Zhang* and Robert R. Stewart Rock Physics Models for the Seismic Velocity of Cracked Media   Document
SEG John C. Bancroft and Joe Wong Sensitivity measurements for locating microseismic events using first arrival clock-times   Document
SEG Kayla H. Bonham and Robert J. Ferguson Seismic data modelling using parallel distributed Matlab   Document
SEG Joanna K. Cooper, Gary F. Margrave, and Don C. Lawton Footprint reduction by angle-weighted stacking after migration   Document
SEG Carmen Dumitrescu and Larry Lines Case study of a heavy oil reservoir interpretation using Vp/Vs ratio and other seismic attributes   Document
SEG David W. Eaton Resolution of microseismic moment tensors: A synthetic modeling study   Document
SEG Chad Hogan, Ken Hedlin, Gary Margrave, and Michael Lamoureux Testing of time-lapse seismic monitoring with early arrival waveform tomography   Document
SEG Gabriela Suarez and Robert Stewart Seismic source comparison for compressional and converted-wave generation at Spring Coulee, Alberta.   Document
SEG Roxana M. Varga and Robert R. Stewart Delineating sand channels using 3D-3C seismic data: Manitou Lake heavy oilfield, Saskatchewan   Document
SEG Joe Wong, Soo K. Miong, Robert R. Stewart, Eric V. Gallant, and Kevin W. Hall VSP survey in a shallow well using a small vibrator source   Document
SEG Joe Wong, Kevin W. Hall, Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Don C. Lawton Seismic physical modeling at the University of Calgary   Document