Conference Abstracts 2018

Meeting Author(s) Title Availability
CSEG Huaizhen Chen and Kris Innanen Estimation of fractured weaknesses and attenuation factors from azimuthal seismic data   Document
CSEG Raul Cova, Bernie K. Law and Kris Innanen Multicomponent land data pre-processing for FWI: a benchmark dataset   Document
CSEG Matt Eaid and Kris Innanen Modeling the sensitivity of shaped DAS fibre-optic cables to elastic wave data   Document
CSEG Ali Fathalian and Kris Innanen Viscoacoustic VTI and TTI wave equations and their application for anisotropic reverse time migration: Constant-Q approximation   Document
CSEG Adriana Gordon and Don C. Lawton VSP processing of Distributed Acoustic Sensing and geophone data at CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta   Document
CSEG Marcelo Guarido, Raul Cova, Sergio J. Romahn, Laurence R. Lines, Robert Ferguson and Kristopher Innanen Fast waveform inversion: a low-cost solution for the full waveform inversion   Document
CSEG Kevin W. Hall, Don C. Lawton, Thomas M. Daley, Barry M. Freifeld and Paul Cook Effect of source effort and source distance on DAS data at CaMI.FRS, Newell County, Alberta   Document
CSEG Heather Hardeman, Matt McDonald, Michael P. Lamoureux Scale-invariant Image Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks and Wavelet Analysis   Document
CSEG Heather Hardeman, Matt McDonald, Tom Daley, Barry Freifeld, Michael P. Lamoureux, Don Lawton Vertical Seismic Profiling using Distributed Acoustic Sensing at the CaMI Field Research Station   Document
CSEG David C. Henley A shift in time: time-lapse detection using interferometry   Document
CSEG David W. Eaton, Nadine Igonin, Andrew Poulin, Ron Weir, Hongliang Zhang, Scott Pellegrino and German Rodriguez Tony Creek Dual Microseismic Experiment (ToC2ME)   Document
CSEG Andrew S. Iverson, Kristopher A. H. Innanen, Daniel O. Trad Internal multiple prediction in the time and offset domains   Document
CSEG Scott D Keating and Kristopher A Innanen Reducing cross-talk with multi-resolution QFWI   Document
CSEG Bernard Law and Daniel Trad Velocity model building by slope tomography   Document
CSEG Siming Lv and Kris Innanen Characterizing intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures, part II   Document
CSEG Marie Macquet and Donald C. Lawton Reservoir simulations and feasibility study for seismic monitoring at CaMI.FRS, Newell County, Alberta   Document
CSEG Jorge E. Monsegny Bi-objective optimization for seismic survey design   Document
CSEG Shahpoor Moradi and Daniel Trad Quantum computation with applications in seismic problems   Document
CSEG Sergio Romahn, Marcelo Guarido and Kristopher Innanen Comparison between RTM gradient and PSPI gradient in the process of FWI   Document
CSEG Tyler W. Spackman and Don C. Lawton Seismic monitoring with continuous seismic sources   Document
CSEG Jian Sun, Kris Innanen, Daniel Trad, Yu Geng Multicomponent inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction part I: analysis of input preparation   Document
CSEG Jian Sun, Kris Innanen, Daniel Trad, Yu Geng Multicomponent inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction part II: domains and implementions   Document
CSEG Daniel Trad Mismatches between physics and operators for least squares Kirchhoff and reverse time migrations   Document
CSEG Ronald Weir, L. Lines, D. Lawton The Duvernay Formation- the application of structure and simultaneous inversion for reservoir characterization and induced seismicity   Document
CSEG Lei Yang, Daniel O. Trad and Wenyong Pan Comparison between least-squares reverse time migration and full-waveform inversion   Document