Volume 7, No. 4 April 1996


The Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology

Visiting Scientist Program

We have been fortunate in the last several years to have industry personnel visit the University for various terms. We would like to continue to encourage interested industry people, with a bent for research and/or teaching, to consider a "sabbatical" period at the University. The visit at CREWES could be from four months to a year, with details of appointments, duties, funding, etc. open to discussion. Visiting scientists in the past have included Drs. Robert Tatham of Texaco and Peter Cary of Pulsonic Geophysical. Please call Rob Stewart if you are interested and would like more details.

Ultra Hardware Upgrade

CREWES has just received six new Sun Ultrasparc 140 systems. These powerful new workstations will join our existing network of Sun workstations to help us speed along our research. Each workstation has 128MB of memory and runs two to three times faster than our fastest Sparc 20 system. There will be an abundance of software running on these machines, including ProMAX. We look forward to the possibilities that these new systems will provide us.

Current Research Symposium

A reminder that the Department of Geology and Geophysics will be hosting a Current Research Symposium (CRS) on Monday, April 15th. The Symposium will feature current work of students and faculty through poster sessions. Talks and poster sessions will be held in the Earth Sciences Building at the University of Calgary. Registration is $20 which includes lunch and an Abstracts Volume. Luncheon space is limited; please contact Marg Westbrook (220-3254) if you'd like to attend the luncheon and awards, otherwise registration is $10.


8:30 - 9:00:Registration in Earth Sciences Building foyer
9:00 - 9:10:Welcoming remarks by Department Head, Dr. Ian Hutcheon
9:15 - 9:30:Sedimentary Petrology of the Glauconitic Member Sandstones and Mannville Group Paleosols of the Little Bow and Retlaw Fields in Southern Alberta, Canada: Carmen Lee
9:45 - 10:00Seismic Characterization of Meteorite Impact Craters: Hans Westbroek
10:15 - 11:45:Posters and coffee
11:45 -1:30:Lunch and Student Awards Presentation, University Club
1:30 - 4:30: Posters and coffee
4:30-8:30: Reception in the Arts Atrium, U of C CREWES, FRP, and Department computer and analytical facilities will be open to visitors during the Symposium. The Gallagher Library staff will also be welcoming visitors for tours of our renovated facility.

CRS Poster Presentations

1Computers and Geological Mapping (Nicholls, Gordon, Reid, Greggs, Plint and Fong)
2Geophysical Methods for Tomb Location in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt (Belisle)
3Seismic Characterization of Meteorite Impact Craters (Westbroek)
4Shear-Wave Refraction Statics Analysis for P-S Data (Dufour)
5Coupled P-P and P-S Seismic Interpretation of a Glauconitic Channel, Blackfoot Field, Alberta (Miller, Aydemir, Margrave and Lawton)
6Numerical Simulation of Waves Propagation in Anisotropic Media (Fang)
73-D Tau-P Filtering (Donati, Martin and Stewart)
8P-Wave and S-Wave Separation for Ocean Bottom Seismic Recordings (Donati and Stewart)
9Steep Dip Kirchhoff Migration for Linear Velocity Gradients (Martin, Donati and Bancroft)
10The Theoretical Basis for Prestack Migration by Equivalent Offset (Margrave and Bancroft)
11 Seismic Signal Band Estimation using F-X Spectra (Margrave)
12The Vault Multicomponent Experiment: P-Sv Profiling of the Vulcan Low (Eaton, Adam, Brown, Lawton and Margrave)
56Blackfoot Broad-band Survey: Multicomponent Inversion Modelling (Ferguson)
13Climatic Conditions in Death Valley, California, During the Past 200,000 Years (Spencer, Yang and Roberts)
14Postglacial Rebound (Ni)
15Determining Geologic Controls on Potable Groundwater Quality using Geochemical and Isotopic Information from Waters Collected on the Stoney Indian Reserve (Mcfarland)
16Application of Stable Isotopes to Tracing Anomalous High Tds in Nose Creek (Grasby)
17Late-Quaternary Environmental Change in the Mission Mountains, Montana (Gerloff, Osborn and Hills)
18Onset of the Little Ice Age at the Columbia Icefield, Canadian Rockies, as Recorded in Lateral Moraines of the Stutfield Glacier (Osborn)
19 Variations in Detachment Levels, Ramp Angles and Wedge Geometries along the Alberta Thrust Front (Spratt and Lawton)
20 Seismic Interpretation and 3-D Visualization for Vergence Reversal and along-Strike Variations in the Southern Alberta Foothills, around the Crowsnest Deflection (Bègin, Lawton, Spratt and Kellett)
21P-Wave Velocity Anomalies Induced by a Variably Dipping Transversely Isotropic Thrust Sheet (Leslie)
22 An Integrated Geological and Geophysical Study of the Lovett River Triangle Zone, Central Alberta Foothills (Ledrew)
23 Extending 2-D Seismic Lines to a 3-D Interpretation of Horizons from the Crowsnest Deflection Region: SW Alberta (Kellett and Bègin)
24Geometric Models of Faults and Fault Related Folds Using Move-On-Fault 2D (Hodder)
252-D Seismic Modeling over a 3-D Subsurface Model of the Turner Valley Area, Southern Alberta Foothills (Pearson)
26Differential Folding Of The Dyson Mountain Thrust: Results of Field Mapping in the Threepoint Creek Area, S.W. Alberta (Drover)
27Geometry of the Foothills Structures Between Turner Valley and Bragg Creek, Alberta (Chantraprasert)
28Seismic Characterization of a ŒCompound Tectonic Wedge¹ beneath the Rocky Mountain Foreland Basin, Alberta (Lawton, Sukaramongkol and Spratt)
29Synthetic Seismograms Of Viscoelastic Waves Using Finite Element Methods (Kay)
30Earthquakes, Faulting Activities Changes in the State of Stress and Pleistocene Deglaciation in Canada East of the Rockies (Wu)
31The Detection of Targets Located within a Conductive Host Rock by means of a Coincident Coil Electromagnetic Exploration System (Duckworth and Pinkerton)
32Capturing Conceptual Models of Stratal Architecture for Flow Models by using Markov Chains and Simulated Annealing (Parks)
33Characterisation of the Hydrogeological Response of Low Permeability Glacio-Fluvial Sediments To Recharge Events in Eastern Alberta (Thomas)
34Using the Horizontal-Gradient Vector Method to Assess the Influence Of Basement Faulting on the Phanerozoic Cover of Central Alberta (Edwards, Lyatsky and Brown)
35Directional Filtering Of 3D Gravity Models: Lower Crustal Features Revealed
36Skeletonization and Fractal Behaviour of Deep Crustal Seismic Data from the Central Alberta Transect (Vasudevan and Cook)
37Molluscan Fauna and Biostratigraphic Framework of the Wapiabi Formation and Equivalents (Upper Cretaceous) of the Alberta Foothills and British Columbia, Western Canada (Collom)
38Sequence Biostratigraphy of the Hassel, Bastion Ridge, and Strand Fiord Formations, Axel Heiberg Island, N.W.T. (Macrae)
39Quantitative Textural Analysis of a Heterogeneous Basalt Flow, New Mexico (Kolisnik)
40Interpretation of Reservoir Histories from Fluid Inclusion Data (Spencer)
41Oil, Water and Gas from Carbonate, Devonian Reservoirs of Alberta, Emphasis on Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction (Simpson)
42Fluid Flow in a Two Dimensional Porous Media: A Comparison of the Results between Lattice Gas Automata and a Finite Difference Technique Based on the Simple Algorithm (Shevalier)
43Prospecting for Light-Medium Gravity Crude Oils in the Heavy Oil Belt of Eastern Alberta. The Lower Mannville Petroleum System, Provost Area, Alberta (Riediger, Snowdon, Fowler, Macdonald and Sherwin)
44Origin And Controls on Oil Accumulation in Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Reservoirs, Manyberries Oil Field, Southeastern Alberta (Stevenson)
45Kinetic Modeling of Hydrocarbon Generation in the Cretaceous (Albian To Turonian) Lower Colorado Group of Central and Southern Alberta (Thompson)
46The Stratigraphy of the Tobermory and Kananaskis Formations, Spray Lakes Group, Kananaskis Valley, Alberta (Moore)
47Lithofacies Within the Ksituan Member and Belloy Formation (Dublonko)
48Interpreting A Middle Devonian (Givetian) Delta System Using a Grain Size and Sediment Supply Approach: Gilwood Member, Nipisi And Utikuma Oil Fields, Northcentral Alberta, Canada (Williams, Krause and Wilde)
49The Neoproterozoic Yellowhead Carbonate Platform of the Jasper Area: A Part of the Precambrian Rift History? (Urlwin)
50Shelf, Slope And Basin Facies Geometry of the Mississippian Banff Formation (Ardic and Trescher)
51Significance of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Sedimentation in the Banff Formation, Greater Cessford Area, Southeastern Alberta (Goldthorpe)
52Sedimentary Petrology of the Glauconitic Member Sandstones and Mannville Group Paleosols of the Little Bow and Retlaw Fields in Southern Alberta, Canada (Lee)
53Slide Mountain Terrane and the Structural Evolution of the Finlayson Lake Fault Zone, Southeastern Yukon (Plint and Gordon)
54The Isaac Lake Synclinorium: The Missing Link in Structural Evolution of the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia (Reid)
55Two Examples of Detachment Fold-Fault Relationships in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Front Ranges (Simony, Kubli and Stockmal)

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