Volume 7, No. 10, October 1996


The Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology

1996 Sponsors Meeting Agenda

We're excited about all the results to present at our annual Sponsors Meeting and are looking forward to chatting with you there! The schedule for the 8th annual CREWES Sponsors Meeting, from November 3rd to 5th, is set as below.

Sunday, November 3rd

7:00 p.m. - Registration and icebreaker

Monday, November 4th

8:00: Registration

8:30: Technical session

1:00 pm: Technical session

4:00 pm: Poster session

Tuesday, November 5th

8:30: Technical Session

1:00 pm: Technical Session

3:30 pm: Poster session

Please note: if you have not yet booked accommodation at The Lodge at Kananaskis, please do so immediately, as there are limited spaces available. Please make reservations by calling The Lodge at Kananaskis directly at (403) 591-6240. To qualify for the group rate, identify yourself as being with The University of Calgary, Department of Geology & Geophysics - CREWES Project.

CREWES at the 1996 SEG Meeting

Once again, CREWES will have a large presence at the Annual SEG Meeting, held this year in Denver, Colorado, from November 10-15. We will be giving nine technical presentations and will have a booth full of posters , with CREWES faculty, staff and students eager to discuss all matter of things geophysical with you. If we can't see you at our Sponsors Meeting then we certainly hope to see you in Denver!

New Editor of The CREWES News: Darren Foltinek

I would just like to take a two minute break from the chaos that reigns here in the weeks leading up to our Sponsors Meeting to introduce myself as the new editor of The CREWES News. I look forward to helping you all keep all in touch with us and the research that we do. I'd also like to thank our previous editor, Sue Miller, for doing such a great job with the newsletter, and wish her all the best at her new job at Shell Canada.

Correction: The abstract presented in last month's newsletter was from Helen Isaac's Ph.D. dissertation, and not from her M.Sc.

Geophysics 647: Geophysical Signal Analysis - Theory and Computation

Winter Session of 1997, beginning January 14. Lecture: Tuesdays 5-7:30 pm ES 615 Laboratory: Thursdays 5-7:30pm ES 213

Note: enrollment limit of 12 students.

Subject material: Convolution and Green's functions * Z transform theory * Fourier transform theory, DFT, FFT * Digital filter theory * Differentiation and integration filters * Interpolation methods * Wavelets, inverse operators, and minimum phase * Hilbert transforms * Wiener filters and least squares methods * Power spectral estimation * Multidimensional Fourier and Radon transforms * Instantaneous phase, frequency, and magnitude * Nonstationary (time-frequency) analysis * The uncertainty principle * The short-time Fourier transform (spectrogram) * Wigner distributions * Wavelet transforms

Assumed background: First year Calculus, complex variables, university physics (the more the better), and at least one introductory geophysics course. If you lack the exposure to geophysics but are well versed in another physical science, you should still find the material accessible though the technical jargon may present an initial problem.

Offered through the Department of Geology and Geophysics, The University of Calgary

Instructor: Dr. Gary F. Margrave, Adjunct Professor, P.Geoph. Department of Geology and Geophysics, The University of Calgary phone 220-4606 email: gary@geo.ucalgary.ca

Making Contact...

The CREWES Project
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Fax: (403)284-0074
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Administrative Secretary:
Louise Forgues: 220-8279
Editor: Darren Foltinek

Dr. Robert Stewart: 220-3265
Dr. Don Lawton: 220-5718
Dr. Gary Margrave: 220-4606

Research Staff:
Dr. John Bancroft: 220-5026
Malcolm Bertram: 220-3267
Henry Bland: 220-8461
Darren Foltinek: 220-6137
Eric Gallant: 220-3259
Colin Potter: 220-8012
Vladan Simin: 220-4292
Grace Yang: 220-8969
Qi Zhang: 220-3264

Graduate Students
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Wai-Kin Chan: 220-8093
Dan Cieslewicz: 220-3269
Jocelyn Dufour: 220-8266
Ken Fang: 220-8093
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Xinxiang Li: 220-6749
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