An error and stability analysis of four nonstationary wavefield extrapolators

Robert J. Ferguson and Gary F. Margrave


An error and stability analysis is presented for the elementary nonstationary wavefield extrapolators L N + , L P + and their symmetric hybrids L A + and L PN + . The analysis is based on analytic expressions that describe the inversion of wavefields extrapolated by the four operators. Our analysis shows that L A + and L PN + are more accurate and more stable than elementary extrapolators L N + and L P + .

The Marmousi synthetic data is used to provide a comparison of depth imaging using the different extrapolators. The largest mean absolute amplitudes of the resulting depth images corresponding to L N + (~1000) and L P + (~1000) indicate that recursive application of these extrapolators caused growth in the extrapolated wavefield. The mean absolute amplitudes of L A + (~800) and L PN + (~800) were an order of magnitude less indicating greater stability. The best image of the model was returned by the L A + method.

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