A framework for linear and nonlinear S-wave and C-wave time-lapse difference AVO

Shahin Jabbari and Kristopher A. Innanen


Multicomponent time-lapse amplitude variation with offset (AVO) may improve approximating time-lapse difference data. The difference data during the change in a reservoir from the baseline survey relative to the monitor survey are described for shear wave, and converted waves. We defined a framework for the difference reflection data, ΔRss(θ), ΔRps(θ), ΔRsp(θ), in order of physical change or baseline interface contrast and time-lapse changes. A framework for linear and non linear time-lapse difference data are formulated using amplitude variation with offset (AVO) methods. The higher order terms represent corrections appropriate for large contrasts. We conclude that in many plausible time-lapse scenarios the increase in accuracy associated with higher order corrections is non-negligible for shear wave and converted wave as well as P-wave.

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