Physically-modeled 3D marine survey over HTI targets

Joe Wong


Using the University of Calgary Seismic Physical modeling Facility with a scale factor of 10 4 , we conducted a high-resolution 3D marine survey over layered media containing HTI targets overlying a water-filled channel. The survey covered a scaled-up area of about 6000m by 6000m. Sources were placed on a rectangular grid with ΔX = ΔY = 100m. Receivers were placed on a rectangular grid with ΔX and ΔY = 50m. Source and receiver lines both were aligned in the Y direction. The minimum separation between source and receiver lines was 100m. The data were digitized with 2ms sampling and 14-bit precision. Seismograms with length of 2000ms were recorded with vertical stacking of 200 repeated waveforms and stored in SEG-Y files. To reduce survey time, acquisition was conducted using eight simultaneous sources. The resulting supergathers of seismic traces must be deblended or separated into ordinary common source gathers before further post-survey processing and imaging.

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