Research Reports 1991

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram Field Tests of 3-Component geophones, part II Abstract Document
  2 Malcolm B. Bertram Limitations of seismic field instrumentation for converted-wave recording Abstract Document
  3 Don C. Lawton Source-receiver offset ranges for P-SV seismic data Abstract Document
  4 Chakrit Sukaramongkol and Don C. Lawton P-SV studies in a Foothills environment Abstract Document
  5 C. E. (Tina) Howell and Henry C. Bland CREWES computer systems Abstract Document
  6 David G. Schieck and Robert R. Stewart Ground roll dispersion analysis at Springbank, Alberta Abstract Document
  7 David W. S. Eaton and Peter W. Cary and Armin W. Schafer Estimation of P-SV residual statics by stack-power optimization Abstract Document
  8 Armin W. Schafer Converted-wave statics methods comparison Abstract Document
  9 Mark P. Harrison Multicomponent processing: South Casper Creek, Wyoming Abstract Document
  10 Mark P. Harrison Poststack migration of P-SV data Abstract Document
  11 Donald T. Easley Bulk properties of composite Cosserat media Abstract Document
  12 C. E. (Tina) Howell and Ed S. Krebes and Don C. Lawton and Jeff B. Thurston P-SV and P-P synthetic stacks Abstract Document
  13 Brad D. Nazar and Don C. Lawton Delineation of thin conglomerate deposits using multicomponent seismic data Abstract Document
  14 Robert R. Stewart Directional filtering using multicomponent seismic arrays Abstract Document
  15 Robert R. Stewart and Giovanni Marchisio and Ye Zheng Side-scanning seismic: Analysis and a physical modeling study Abstract Document
  16 Ye Zheng and Robert R. Stewart Side-scanning processing of 3-C field data: A proposal to analyze the Gulf Rumsey survey Abstract Document
  17 Susan L. Miller and Robert R. Stewart The relationship between elastic-wave velocities and density in sedimentary rocks: A proposal Abstract Document
  18 Zandong Sun and Steve R. Stretch and R. James Brown Borehole velocity prediction models and estimation of fluid saturation effects Abstract Document
  19 Taiwan Chen and Don C. Lawton and Fred Peterson Physical parameter estimation for sandstone reservoirs Abstract Document
  20 Hai-man Chung and Don C. Lawton Offset-dependent tuning effects of thin layers and a model study of two layers Abstract Document
  21 Kelly D. Hrabi and Don C. Lawton Seismic modeling of Pekisko porosity Abstract Document
  22 Taiwan Chen and Don C. Lawton Seismic modeling for P-P and P-SV AVO analysis Abstract Document
  23 Changyou Zhang and Robert R. Stewart Using P-SV waves to improve conventional AVO estimates: A synthetic study Abstract Document
  24 Craig A. Coulombe and Robert R. Stewart and Michael J. Jones AVO analysis using the VSP Abstract Document
  25 Craig A. Coulombe and Robert R. Stewart Location of a subsurface source using reverse-ray backpropagation Abstract Document
  26 Gouping Li and Robert R. Stewart Automatic velocity analysis of crosswell seismic data Abstract Document
  27 James R. Baerg Traveltime in media with linear velocity-depth functions Abstract Document
  28 Robert R. Stewart and Giovanni Marchisio Crosswell seismic imaging using reflections Abstract Document
  29 Harry M. Jol and Derald G. Smith (Dept. of Geography) Ground penetrating radar: a brief overview and case study Abstract Document
  30 R. James Brown and Eric V. Gallant Physical seismic modelling of shear-wave singularities on a sphere of orthorhombic phenolic: A research note Abstract Document
  31 Darran J. Edwards and R. James Brown Tectonic control on carbonate and evaporite morphology: A multicomponent seismic analysis Abstract Document
  32 Zandong Sun and R. James Brown and Don C. Lawton Seismic anisotropy and salt detection: A physical modeling study Abstract Document
  33 Eric V. Gallant and Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram Development of a physical modelling system for 3-C x 3-D experiments Abstract Document
  34 Lawrence H. T. Le and Flavian Abramovici P-SV wave modeling in transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  35 David W. S. Eaton and Robert R. Stewart Anisotropic ray-Born migration/inversion: A synthetic modeling study Abstract Document