Research Reports 2000

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Louis Chabot, David C. Henley and R. James Brown Single-well imaging using the full waveform of an acoustic sonic Abstract Document
  2 Robert R. Stewart and Carlos Nieto Proposed design for a new borehole elastic imaging tool Abstract Document
  3 R. James Brown, Michael P. Lamoureux, Michael A. Slawinski and Raphael A. Slawinski Direct traveltime inversion of VSP data for elliptical anisotropy in layered media Abstract Document
  4 Robert R. Stewart, Laurence R. Lines and Lawrence E. Mewhort Multicomponent VSP and lake-bottom cable surveys: Pike's Peak, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  5 M. Graziella Kirtland Grech and Don C. Lawton Simultaneous anisotropic prestack depth migration of P-S VSP and surface seismic data Abstract Document
  6 Don C. Lawton and Peter W. Cary Conversion point mapping and interpolation in P-S survey design Abstract Document
  7 R. James Brown, Robert R. Stewart, James E. Gaiser and Don C. Lawton An acquisition polarity standard for multicomponent seismic data Abstract Document
  8 Ayon K. Dey, Robert R. Stewart, Laurence R. Lines and Henry C. Bland Noise suppression on geophone data using microphone measurements Abstract Document
  9 Gary F. Margrave New seismic modelling facilities in MATLAB Abstract Document
  10 Peter M. Manning and Gary F. Margrave Elastic finite difference modelling with stability and dispersion corrections Abstract Document
  11 Zhengsheng Yao and Gary F. Margrave Elastic wavefield modelling in 3D by the fourth-order staggered finite-difference technique Abstract Document
  12 P.F. Daley Tutorial: Hybrid finite difference - finite transform methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations Abstract Document
  13 Marco A. Perez and John C. Bancroft Traveltime computation through isotropic media via the eikonal equation Abstract Document
  14 M. Graziella Kirtland Grech, Don C. Lawton, Robert R. Stewart, Saul Guevara and Gary F. Margrave P-S polarity reversal: is it always at zero-offset? Abstract Document
  15 Saul Guevara and Robert R. Stewart Source-geophone azimuth from 3-C seismic polarization Abstract Document
  16 Charles P. Ursenbach and John C. Bancroft Noise alignment in trim statics Abstract Document
  17 Charles P. Ursenbach Distinguishing noise alignment from signal alignment in statics calculations Abstract Document
  18 Yan Yan, Zhengsheng Yao, Gary F. Margrave and R. James Brown Residual statics analysis by LSQR Abstract Document
  19 Katherine Brittle, Laurence R. Lines and Ayon K. Dey Vibroseis deconvolution: a synthetic comparison of cross correlation and frequency domain sweep deconvolution Abstract Document
  20 David C. Henley Wavefront healing operators for improving reflection coherence Abstract Document
  21 David C. Henley More radial trace domain applications Abstract Document
  22 Marco A. Perez and David C. Henley Multiple attenuation via predictive deconvolution in the radial domain Abstract Document
  23 Victor Iliescu and Gary F. Margrave Wavelet transform filtering of seismic data by semblance weighting Abstract Document
  24 John C. Bancroft Operator aliasing heuristics Abstract Document
  25 John Zhang and Laurence R. Bentley Complex seismic trace analysis and its application to time-lapse seismic surveys Abstract Document
  26 P.F. Daley Conversion coefficients at a liquid/solid interface Abstract Document
  27 Chanpen Silawongsawat and Gary F. Margrave Up and down wave separation of multicomponent data at the ocean bottom Abstract Document
  28 Yan Yan and R. James Brown Suppression of multiples by wavefield separation techniques Abstract Document
  29 Henry C. Bland and Paul R. MacDonald A SEG-Y file I/O toolbox for Matlab Abstract Document
  30 Yanpeng Mi and Gary F. Margrave A Fortran 90 implementation of symmetric nonstationary phaseshift extrapolator Abstract Document
  31 Yanpeng Mi, Zhengsheng Yao and Gary F. Margrave A Pade approximation to the scalar wavefield extrapolator for inhomogeneous media Abstract Document
  32 Yanpeng Mi, Gary F. Margrave and Zhengsheng Yao Dual extrapolation algorithms towards optimum efficiency and accuracy Abstract Document
  33 Zhengsheng Yao, Yanpeng Mi and Gary F. Margrave Wavefield extrapolation by windowed nonstationary phase shift Abstract Document
  34 John C. Bancroft and Charles P. Ursenbach Prestack considerations for the migration of oblique reflectors Abstract Document
  35 David C. Henley Harsh imaging techniques for shallow high resolution seismic data Abstract Document
  36 Shuang Sun and John C. Bancroft Amplitude scaling for AVO analysis of CSP gathers Abstract Document
  37 Han-xing Lu and Gary F. Margrave A study of imaging with a synthetic Foothiils dataset Abstract Document
  38 Laurence R. Lines Review of Pikes Peak project Abstract Document
  39 Brian H. Hoffe, Malcolm B. Bertram, Henry C. Bland, Eric V. Gallant, Laurence R. Lines and Lawrence E. Mewhort Acquisition and processing of the Pikes Peak 3C-2D seismic survey Abstract Document
  40 Jonathan E. Downton and Laurence R. Lines Preliminary results of the AVO analysis at Pikes Peak Abstract Document
  41 Ian A. Watson and Laurence R. Lines Seismic inversion at Pikes Peak, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  42 Han-xing Lu, Gary F. Margrave and Robert R. Stewart 3D structural effects in the 3C-2D Stolberg seismic profiles Abstract Document
  43 Robert R. Stewart, Michael J. Mazur and Alan R. Hildebrand Preliminary multicomponent seismic analysis over the Steen River structure, Northern Alberta Abstract Document
  44 Ben Johnson, Bruce Jamieson and Robert R. Stewart Seismic measurement of the propagation speed of a fracture through a weak snowpack layer Abstract Document
  45 Chuandong Xu and Robert R. Stewart Seismic tomography of a Maya pyramid: Chan Chich, Belize Abstract Document
  46 Jonathan E. Downton, Brian H. Russell and Laurence R. Lines AVO for managers: pitfalls and solutions Abstract Document
  47 Brian H. Russell, Laurence R. Lines, Keith W. Hirsche and Janusz Peron The AVO modelling volume Abstract Document
  48 Robert R. Stewart, James E. Gaiser, R. James Brown and Don C. Lawton Converted-wave seismic exploration: Applications Abstract Document
  49 Laurence R. Bentley, Xuri Huang and Claude Laflamme Fluid flow modelling with seismic cluster analysis Abstract Document
  50 John C. Bancroft, Alan Richards and Charles P. Ursenbach Statics: the abusive power of trimming Abstract Document