Research Reports 2007

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Maria F. Quijada and Robert R. Stewart Density estimations using density-velocity relations and seismic inversion Abstract Document
  2 Maria F. Quijada and Robert R. Stewart Petrophysical analysis of well logs from Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  3 Charles P. Ursenbach and Donald C. Lawton Seismic modeling of acid-gas injection in a deep saline reservoir Abstract Document
  4 Zimin Zang and Robert R. Stewart Seismic attenuation and rock property analysis in a heavy oilfield: Ross Lake, Saskatcehwan Abstract Document
  5 Brian H. Russell and Tad Smith The relationship between dry rock bulk modulus and porosity - An empirical study Abstract Document
  6 Hong Feng and Brian H. Russell and John C. Bancroft A comparison of hydrocarbon indicators derived from AVO analysis Abstract Document
  7 Charles P. Ursenbach Interconversion formulae for two-parameter AVO methods Abstract Document
  8 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart Testing VSP-based Q-estimation with spherical wave models Abstract Document
  9 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart VSP-based Q-estimation at Pike's Peak Abstract Document
  10 Joe Wong and Soo-Kyung Miong and Eric V. Gallant and Henry C. Bland and Laurence R. Bentley and Robert R. Stewart VSP and well logs from the U of C test well Abstract Document
  11 Joe Wong and Robert R. Stewart Velocity tomography and reflectivity imaging using crosswell seismic data from the Noel tight gas field Abstract Document
  12 Soo-Kyung Miong and Robert R. Stewart and Joe Wong Characterizing the near surface with VSP and well logs Abstract Document
  13 Soo-Kyung Miong and Michael Jones and Robert R. Stewart The effect of receiver configuration and velocity perturbation on microseismic event location Abstract Document
  14 Jeffrey F. Tan and Henry C. Bland and Robert R. Stewart Classification of microseismic events from bitumen production at Cold Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  15 Alejandro D. Alcudia and Robert R. Stewart Analysis of microphone and 3C geophone measurements from a 3C-2D seismic survey Abstract Document
  16 Alejandro D. Alcudia and Robert R. Stewart and Nanna Eliuk and Rick Espersen Vibration and air pressure monitoring of seismic sources Abstract Document
  17 Michael S. Hons and Robert R. Stewart MEMS for the masses part 1: comparison to geophones in theory Abstract Document
  18 Michael S. Hons and Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram MEMS for the masses part 2: comparison to geophones in field data Abstract Document
  19 Gabriela M. Suarez and Robert R. Stewart Acquisition and analysis of 3C land streamer data Abstract Document
  20 Charles P. Ursenbach and John C. Bancroft and Malcolm B. Bertram and Henry C. Bland and Eric V. Gallant and Arnim B. Haase and Kevin W. Hall and Don C. Lawton a Acquisition of polychromatic data Abstract Document
  21 John M. Maweu and Gary F. Margrave Dispersion and apparent attenuation due to fine stratigraphy Abstract Document
  22 Charles P. Ursenbach and Arnim B. Haase Plane-wave reflection coefficients for anisotropic media: Practical implementation Abstract Document
  23 Gary F. Margrave and Joanna K. Cooper Seismic modelling in 3D for migration testing Abstract Document
  24 David Cho and Chad Hogan and Gary F. Margrave Acoustic finite difference parameter analysis and modelling in MATLAB Abstract Document
  25 P.F. Daley Finite difference - finite integral transform hybrid techniques: the coupled P-SV problem in a radially symmetric vertically inhomogeneous medium Abstract Document
  26 P.F. Daley Various topics in pseudo-differential operator theory applied to scalar qP wave propagation in a transversely isotropic medium Abstract Document
  27 P.F. Daley A hybrid method applied to a 2.5D scalar wave equation Abstract Document
  28 Joanna K. Cooper and Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton Simulations of seismic acquisition footprint Abstract Document
  29 Saul E. Guevara and Gary F. Margrave Finite difference elastic modeling of the topography and the weathering layer Abstract Document
  30 Robert J. Ferguson Wavefield separation in acoustic media from normalized energy density flux Abstract Document
  31 David C. Henley Radial filtering 3D data Abstract Document
  32 David C. Henley Raypath statics revisited: new images Abstract Document
  33 David C. Henley and P. F. Daley Connecting statics deconvolution and seismic interferometry Abstract Document
  34 David C. Henley and Gary F. Margrave and Carlos Montana Gabor deconvolution: surface and subsurface consistent Abstract Document
  35 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave An analytic approach to minimum phase signals Abstract Document
  36 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave A minimum phase, band-limited delta spike Abstract Document
  37 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave A band-limited minimum phase calculation Abstract Document
  38 John Millar and John C. Bancroft Multigrid surface consistent deconvolution Abstract Document
  39 Robert J. Ferguson Seismic statics application plus trace interpolation Abstract Document
  40 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft Interpolation methods for the kernel of f-k migration Abstract Document
  41 Zorondras Rodriguez and Gary F. Margrave Investigation of the effects of two Kirchhoff migration algorithms on reflection amplitudes Abstract Document
  42 John C. Bancroft Towards understanding long offset moveout correction Abstract Document
  43 John C. Bancroft and Zaiming Jiang JCB processing system concepts Abstract Document
  44 John C. Bancroft Visualization of spherical tangency solutions for locating a source point from the clock time at four receiver locations Abstract Document
  45 Chad M. Hogan and Gary F. Margrave Ray-tracing and eikonal solutions for low-frequency wavefields Abstract Document
  46 Michael P. Lamoureux and Agnieszka Pawlak and Gary F. Margrave Wavefield extrapolation via Sturm-Liouville transforms Abstract Document
  47 Michael P. Lamoureux and Safa Ismail and Gary F. Margrave Stability of time variant filters Abstract Document
  48 Ben D. Wards and Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux High-fidelity time-stepping for reverse-time migration Abstract Document
  49 Robert J. Ferguson Depth migration Green's functions derived from VSP Abstract Document
  50 Yongwang Ma and Gary F. Margrave Fast Gabor imaging with spatial resampling Abstract Document
  51 Yongwang Ma and Gary F. Margrave Gabor depth imaging with topography Abstract Document
  52 Laurence R. Lines A strategy for cooperative inversion of reservoir data Abstract Document
  53 Joanna K. Cooper and Don C. Lawton and Gary F. Margrave Multiples and multimode events in a 2D marine zero-offset survey: a physical modelling example Abstract Document
  54 Joe Wong and Kevin W. Hall and Henry C. Bland and Eric V. Gallant and Malcolm B. Bertram Some 2D results from the U of C Seismic Physical Modelling Facility Abstract Document
  55 Rolf Maier A FOCI migration algorithm for uneven surfaces Abstract Document
  56 Kevin W. Hall and David C. Henley and Hanxing Lu 3D geometry loading in ProMAX, a practical crPERL example Abstract Document
  57 Charles P. Ursenbach New and updated web applet Explorers Abstract Document
  58 Hanxing Lu and Kevin W. Hall and David C. Henley and Don C. Lawton Processing report for the Alder Flats 3D, June 2007 Abstract Document
  59 Kevin W. Hall and Hanxing Lu and Robert R. Stewart Crooked-line seismic data processing at Castle-mountain Abstract Document
  60 Hanxing Lu and Kevin W. Hall and Robert R. Stewart Reprocessing 3C-3D seismic data from Manitou Lake , Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  61 Lauren A. Ostridge and John C. Bancroft An investigation of the Radon transform to attenuate noise after migration Abstract Document
  62 Khaled Al Dulaijan and Robert R. Stewart Surface-wave analysis for estimating near-surface properties Abstract Document
  63 Gabriela M. Suarez and Robert R. Stewart Analysis of the West Castle seismic surveys part I. Near surface characterization using a high-resolution 3C seismic survey Abstract Document
  64 Gabriela M. Suarez and Robert R. Stewart Analysis of the West Castle seismic surveys part II. 2D seismic data processing and modelling of the vertical component data Abstract Document
  65 Jason McCrank and Don C. Lawton Alder Flats 2D and 3D seismic programs Abstract Document
  66 Matthew D. Allen and Robert R. Stewart Comparison of traveltime inversions on a limestone structure Abstract Document
  67 Roxana M. Varga and Robert R. Stewart Delineation of a sand reservoir at Manitou Lake Saskatchewan: Interpretation of 3D-3C seismic data Abstract Document
  68 Duojun (Albert) Zhang and Laurence R. Lines Effects of heavy oil cold production on Vp/Vs ratio Abstract Document
  69 Abdullah Alshuhail and Don Lawton Time-lapse surface seismic monitoring of injected CO2 at the Penn West CO2-EOR site, Violet Grove, Alberta Abstract Document
  70 Robert R. Stewart Interpreting multicomponent seismic data: Clastic and carbonate case histories Abstract Document
  71 Robert R. Stewart Hard hats and mortarboards: The industry and university working together Abstract Document
  72 Robert R. Stewart Temperature versus political transparency: Does heat corrupt us? Abstract Document