Slide Shows for 2015

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  0 Gary Margrave Welcome to the 27th Annual CREWES Sponsors Meeting   Document
  1 Kevin W. Hall, J. Helen Isaac, Joe Wong, Kevin L. Bertram, Malcolm B. Bertram, Don C. Lawton, Xuewei Bao and David W. Eaton Initial 3C-2D surface seismic and walkaway VSP results from the 2015 Brooks SuperCable experiment   Document
  2 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton 3D3C seismic data from the Brooks site   Document
  3 Don Lawton, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Hall and Kevin Bertram New approaches to seismic monitoring at the Brooks Field Research Station   Document
  4 Joe Wong, Kevin Bertram, and Kevin Hall Upgrading the CREWES Seismic Physical Modeling Facilty   Document
  5 Kris Innanen Time domain IM prediction using a nonstationary search parameter ?   Document
  6 Jian Sun and Dr. Kris Innanen 2D Internal multiple prediction in the tau - ps - pg domain   Document
  7 Scott Keating, Jian Sun, Pan Pan, and Kris Innanen L1 nonstationary adaptive subtraction   Document
  8 David C. Henley 3D or not 3D: Raypath interferometry in 3D processing   Document
  9 Raul Cova, XiuchengWei and Kris Innanen Shear wave near-surface corrections in the tau-p domain: a case study   Document
  10 Khaled Al Dulaijan and Gar F. Margrave Azimuthal velocity analysis for fractures: Altoment - Bluebell Field   Document
  11 Sina Esmaeili and Gary F. Margrave Influence of colour operator on Hussar data   Document
  12 Junxiao Li, Kris Innanen, Laurence R. Lines, Kuo Zhang, and Guo Tao 3D dipole borehole-source wavefield simulation   Document
  13 Matt Yedlin, Gary Margrave, Yochai Ben Horin Explosion source data analysis from a Jordanian Quarry   Document
  14 Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen, Gary Margrave Suppress Parameter Cross-talk for Elastic Full-waveform Inversion: Parameterization and Acquisition Geometry   Document
  15 Shahpoor Moradi, Kristopher Innanen Viscoelastic AVO modeling and inversion   Document
  16 Tunde Arenrin and Gary Margrave Well-log derived step lengths in Full Waveform Inversion   Document
  17 Marcelo Guarido de Andrade Convergence of a FWI scheme based on PSPI migration   Document
  18 Gary Margrave, Sylvestre Charles (Suncor), and Hossein Aghabarati (Suncor)/Gary Margrave (1) Estimating intrinsic attenuation / (2) Post-stack Iterated modelling, migration and inversion (IMMI)   Document
  19 Bona Wu, Don Lawton and Kevin Hall Interpretation of a multicomponent walkaway VSP experiment   Document
  20 Larry Lines and P.F. Daley Utilization of PSSP Waves   Document
  21 Michelle C. Montano, Don C. Lawton and Gary F. Margrave Shear wave attenuation measurements from converted-wave VSP data   Document
  22 Kiki (Hong) Xu, Jian Sun, Brian Russell, and Kris Innanen Porosity prediction: Cokriging with multiple secondary datasets   Document
  23 Eric Rops & Larry Lines Predicting oil sands viscosity from well logs using an industry provided dataset   Document
  24 Tianci Cui Seismic-to-well ties by smooth dynamic time warping   Document
  25 Bobby Gunning, Don Lawton and Helen Isaac Multicomponent interpretation: examples from the Marcellus Shale and Athabasca oil sands   Document
  26 Brian Russell Rock physics, inversion and Bayesian classification   Document