Computer Accounts

  1. University of Calgary e-mail account: Before you obtain an account from the Department and/or CREWES, you must setup an e-mail account with the University. Contact the main desk of UCS (University Computing Services) on the seventh floor of the Math Sciences building. Students and staff may require a signature from their supervisor.
  2. Once you have a e-mail account, obtain, fill-out, and return a form requesting a department PC account from the Department of Geoscience office (should be available at the front desk). This will give you a WINDOWS account.
  3. Once you have a e-mail account, fill-out the online form at this website requesting CREWES website access, i.e. sign-up for an account, or reset the password for an existing account.
  4. If required, after step 2 you may now contact Kevin Hall or Rolf Maier to obtain a Linux account.