Field Work

The field practices web page of the department contains links to rules and regulations to be aware of, as well as a list of things to do before heading out, such as knowing the name of the nearest hospital(s), the need of participants in field school to be be briefed and, at that time, to sign consent forms, and to be handed an Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

The department's policies web page contains a list of forms. The forms are MSWord documents which may be downloaded and kept in a prepared form, with only the date to be changed. All forms should be sent to Brenda Mottle at least 24 hours prior to the excursion. Those which pertain to field work are referred to below.

Hazard Assessment Form

For legal reasons, potentially hazardous work out of office must be covered by filling out a Hazard Assessment Form, a copy of which should be provided to all participants. Remember that this also applies to TAs, undergraduate and graduate students, or anyone else required to be there at least part-time, like drivers.

This form should also be filled out when driving a University vehicle, to avoid hassles in case of an accident.

Emergency Response Plan

This form is filled out by the leader of an excursion and is then distributed to the remaining participants at the safety briefing which must occur at least one day before departure.

Driver Authorization

To get a form allowing you to borrow University vehicles follow the link on policies. To find out whether your driver validation is still valid send mail to Brenda Mottle.