Journal Publications 2019

Author(s) Title Journal Volume Issue Pages Availability
W. Pan and K. A. Innanen Amplitude-based misfit functions in viscoelastic full-waveform inversion applied to walk-away vertical seismic profile data Geophysics 84 5 B335-B351 Link
S. Moradi, D. O. Trad and K. A. Innanen When quantum computers arrive on seismology's doorstep Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysics 44 1 1-20 Link
J. Li, K. A. Innanen, B. Wang and G. Tao Azimuthal ambiguity elimination for borehole imaging using a 3D borehole RTM scheme Journal of Applied Geophysics 166 103-111 Link
S. Moradi and K. A. Innanen Azimuthally-dependent scattering potentials and full waveform inversion sensitivities in low-loss viscoelastic orthorhombic media Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 16 2 367-388 Link
J. Sun and K. A. Innanen A plane-wave formulation of elastic multicomponent inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction Geophysics 84 5 V255-V269 Link
Y. Shen, K. Bao, D. J. Foster, D. Kumar, K. A. Innanen, M. Chapman, W. Hu, T. Zhu, M. Wang, B. Gurevich, R. M. Holt, and H. Zeng Frequency-dependent seismic analysis: data processing, modeling, and interpretation The Leading Edge 38 7 556-557 Link
S. Keating and K. A. Innanen Parameter cross-talk and modelling errors in viscoacoustic seismic full waveform inversion Geophysics 84 4 R641-R653 Link
W. Pan, K. A. Innanen and Y. Geng Interparameter tradeoff quantification for isotropic-elastic full-waveform inversion with various model parameterizations Geophysics 84 2 R185-R206 Link
J. Li, K. A. Innanen, B. Wang and W. Pan A new second-order absorbing boundary layer formulation for anisotropic-elastic wavefield simulation Pure and Applied Geophysics 176 4 1717-1730 Link