CREWES: Search Help

Table of Contents:

Boolean Operators

You can use the Boolean operators and, or, or not in searching. Without these Boolean operators, the search engine will assume you're anding the words together. The operators are not case sensitive.

Evaluation takes place from left to right only, although you can use parentheses to force the order of evaluation.


smilla or snow

Retrieves files containing either the words "smilla" or "snow".

smilla and snow not sense

retrieves first the files that contain both the words "smilla" and "snow"; then among those the ones that do not contain the word "sense".


The wildcard (*) is available, however it can only be used at the end of a word: otherwise is is considerd a normal character.


this query only retrieves files which contain the given word.

On the other hand:


retrieves "librarians", "librarianship", etc. along with "librarian".

Order of Evaluation

Expressions are always evaluated left to right:

juliet not ophelia and pac

retrieves files which contain "juliet" and "pac" but not "ophelia"

However it is always possible to force the order of evaluation by using parenthesis. For example:

juliet not (ophelia and pac)

retrieves files with "juliet" and containing neither "ophelia" nor "pac".

Phrase Searching

To search for a phrase in a document surround the phrase with double-quotes.

"this is a phrase"