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CREWES Matlab Library

The most recent snapshot of the SOFTWARE was: 15:56:13, 04/9/2014

CREWES toolbox version: 769

Update SOFTWARE snapshot (this may take a while):  110.39 MB
  MD5 checksum:957da7e816b6028270882da98adc *

crewes.tgz  109.11 MB
  MD5 checksum:e96f9e9fbcef2272356881c5ceb7 *crewes.tgz  13.65 MB
  MD5 checksum:c402597c854a23cd8ee81c654b91 *

NumMeth.pdf  6.98 MB
  MD5 checksum:e38648c7a6ae99164c13c2a9027d *NumMeth.pdf

Methods_of_Seismic_Data_Processing.pdf  88.09 MB
  MD5 checksum:01e78195b1e8dd0c3c69ba2c78dc *Methods_of_Seismic_Data_Processing.pdf

Note: The above files contain the same software -- the files are just compressed differently. Pick if you are unsure.

Primary author: Gary F. Margrave, margraveucalgaryca
Current development environment: Matlab 2013b



This software is intended to accompany the textbook "Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology with algorithms in Matlab" (NMES) by Gary F. Margrave.  The textbook and software release are part of an ongoing project to upgrade the CREWES Matlab software library for use in teaching exploration seismology.  The CREWES Matlab library is a very large collection of geophysical routines that has grown by accretion with very little regulation.  The software here is a subset of the CREWES library in which each module has been checked for consistency and accuracy.  (However, no warranty of correctness is given or implied. Use the software entirely at your own risk.)  As the topics in NMES are expanded, more algorithms will be upgraded and transferred from the old CREWES library to this new one.  Eventually, the entire CREWES Matlab library will be included here and described in the book.

Installation instructions, Windows:

Extract the contents of to Matlab's toolbox directory. Within the toolbox directory you should now have a folder called crewes.
Before you can use the CREWES Matlab Library, you need to add a number of directories to your path. Fortunately, these can all be added with a single command...
Start Matlab and type the Matlab commands:
    >> matlabroot
This is your $MATLABROOT (just remember it for now).
    >> editpath
In the window click on the button "Add with subfolders...".  Locate the folder called "crewes" -- it is normally installed in the $MATLABROOT\toolbox folder of your system. Click on it once to highlight it, then click "OK".  Save the new path by clicking "SAVE".

Should you own an older version of Matlab which does not have an "Add with subfolders..." button, simply add all the folders, and subfolders of the crewes directory to your path. Folders should appear in alphabetical order.

Installation instructions, Unix:

System-wide installation:
If you are performing a system-wide install, login as root, and change directory to the "toolbox" subdirectory of your matlab root.
If you don't know the matlab root, you might want to start-up matlab (not as root), and type the matlab command "matlabroot".
If "matlabroot" prints "/usr/matlabr12", then go to that directory:
    cd /usr/matlabr12/toolbox
Then uncompress the crewes-matlab-library file -- this creates a new subdirectory called crewes:
    gunzip -c crewes.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Personal installation:
Change directory to a convenient place (your home directory might be just fine) and type the command
    gunzip -c crewes.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    tar zxvf crewes.tar.gz
You should now have a folder called crewes.

All installations:
Now follow the Windows installation instructions.