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July 23 2018


Welcome to the Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology website!

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CREWES congratulates the following members for successfully defending their theses:

Jian Sun - Computational and practical developments in single- and multi-component inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction

Siming Lv - Characterizing intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures

Khaled Al Dulaijan - Inversion of azimuthal velocity and amplitude variations for seismic anisotropy

Junxiao Li - Borehole wave field modeling, reflection extraction and reverse time migration in acoustic reflection imaging logging

Andrew Mills - Application of Near-Surface Seismic Characterization to Sparsely Sampled Data Sets

Saul Guevara - PS-wave processing in complex land settings: statics correction, wave-mode separation and migration

Raul Cova - Near-surface S-wave traveltime corrections and inversion: a raypath-consistent and interferometric approach

Click here to view the theses.

Congratulations to Dr. Larry Lines who will be awarded the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) Medal this year. The CSEG Medal is the highest award that this Society bestows. It is given in recognition of the contribution to Exploration Geophysics by a member of the profession in Canada and can be gained through a long-standing significant contribution to the application, teaching or business development of Exploration Geophysics. Larry

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