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New 2018 Friday Talks have resumed and can be viewed online (requires password)
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The 30th Annual Sponsors Meeting will be held November 28 to 30.
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(There are 6 days until the meeting)

New 2018 SEG Convention Abstracts now online
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Representatives of sponsoring companies can gain access to locked research reports and software by following the instructions under "For Our Sponsors / Passwords: "
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Today is:
November 21 2018


Welcome to the Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology website!

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Welcome back Joe


Dr. Joe Wong has returned from retirement part time to lend his expertise to the physical modelling lab. He will be aiding in the continuing upgrades to the system and some new and exciting experiments in the near future.

Remembering Roy Lindseth


The greatness of an individual can be gauged by many measures. Two of these are the individual's influence on others and their treatment of people who do not have authority over them. By both measures, Roy Lindseth must be considered a great geophysicist. In his classic 1979 Geophysics paper "Synthetic sonic logs", Roy showed how seismic impedance could be estimated by utilizing seismic reflections amplitudes and well log data. Lindseth's Seislog method is still used by seismic inversion practitioners to this day. Lindseth's contributions led to him receiving SEG's highest award, the Maurice Ewing Medal. Even during retirement from the work force, Roy never retired from geophysics or interest in geophysicists. Roy would come to the University of Calgary on Fridays to hear talks by graduate students in CREWES. Roy volunteered to edit CREWES reports of these students and he attended the annual sponsors meeting for many years prior to his passing in 2018. Following his death, CREWES received a large donation from Roy Lindseth to aid in its research program. Such unsolicited generosity was characteristic of Roy Lindseth throughout his long and storied research career. Roy Lindseth was truly a Canadian geophysical icon. He was a gentleman, a scholar, a successful entrepreneur , a philanthropist and a great Canadian. We will miss him very much.

Larry Lines, Professor, Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary.

CREWES congratulates the following members for successfully defending their theses:

Dennis Ellison - Depth imaging with reflection statics derived from model-based moveout

Evan Mutual - Time-lapse rock physics inversion of thermal heavy oil production

Jian Sun - Computational and practical developments in single- and multi-component inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction

Click here to view the theses.

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