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January 17 2019


Welcome to the Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology website!

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Friday talks will resume this Friday January 18, 2019!

CREWES 1-Day Short Course: Ideas, Algorithms and Applications of Machine Learning in Geophysics

Thanks to all who participated in our full day short course on machine learning in geophysics! The course was assembled and delivered by CREWES postdoctoral fellows Marcelo Guarido, Raul Cova, Junxiao Li and Jian Sun, backed by graduate student Zhan Niu. Our plan is to keep refining, extending, and delivering this course in 2019 and beyond - we see it as a valuable training opportunity for our sponsor companies. Sponsors - please see the course slides and Jupyter notebook content on the course page.


Thanks For Attending the 30th Annual CREWES Sponsors' Meeting


CREWES would like to thank all participants in our 30th annual sponsors' meeting in Banff AB Nov 28-30! Our student, staff and faculty researchers were delighted with the response to their reports on DAS acquisition/processing, novel sources, seismic monitoring, multiple removal, full waveform and amplitude inversion, and the overlap between machine learning and geophysics. Sponsors - please see the full reports and presentations here and here.

CREWES congratulates the following members for successfully defending their theses:

Dennis Ellison - Depth imaging with reflection statics derived from model-based moveout

Evan Mutual - Time-lapse rock physics inversion of thermal heavy oil production

Jian Sun - Computational and practical developments in single- and multi-component inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction

Click here to view the theses.

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