Opportunities for Graduate Studies with CREWES

Graduate Studies with CREWES

The overall objective of the CREWES Project is to conduct advanced geophysical research for resource exploration and development. An important additional goal of the Project is to provide an enriched and exciting environment for student and staff research and education. CREWES sponsors provide funds that assist us in conducting our research and development. These funds provide support for students and also for staff members, who assist students and faculty and conduct collaborative research work.

We have many exciting research projects and opportunities for graduate students in the CREWES program.

Financial Support

Students accepted for Graduate Studies in Geophysics under the supervision of a CREWES associated faculty member are offered a CREWES Graduate Fellowship unless they have other funding. CREWES has limited financial resources, so students with external funding are welcome.

Fellowships are for full-time study and work on an assigned research project within the Department, possible teaching assistantship duties, or both.

CREWES fellowships will provide support during the academic year, September 1 to April 30. Summer research fellowships are also available to graduate students that are at the University of Calgary working on their thesis for the period May through August.

How to Apply

If you are interested in Graduate Studies with CREWES, you must apply through the Department of Geoscience at the link below. Do not apply directly to CREWES; however, you may contact any CREWES Faculty member to discuss supervisory and research possibilities. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary.

Graduate Studies: Department of Geoscience
This is the address at which to find the research interest of professors (under people / faculty), and to send your application to.

General Information

Students involved with CREWES have the opportunity to:

  1. meet and discuss their areas of interest with individuals from companies that sponsor the Project;
  2. set up joint projects with sponsoring organizations;
  3. present, and have distributed to industry, the results of their graduate studies research;
  4. attend meetings, conventions, and workshops;
  5. use CREWES resources and consult with the CREWES staff; and
  6. in some cases, obtain support through fellowships

Generally, CREWES sponsors receive the following benefits:

  1. advance access to abstracts, and copies of papers published and theses written by members of the CREWES project;
  2. a yearly Research Report on CREWES research activities;
  3. invitations to seminars and courses, and the annual two-day Sponsors Meeting;
  4. geophysical data (field, physical, modeling, synthetic) generated by CREWES; and
  5. software generated by the Project.

To provide the benefits listed above, students who are a part of the CREWES project are expected to:

  1. contribute to the overall research production of CREWES in the form of (generally co-authored) publications and presentations;
  2. make available copies of their submitted abstracts, publications, and theses;
  3. write an annual report or reports of their research, for inclusion in the CREWES Research Report;
  4. be prepared to make a presentation at the annual Sponsors Meeting;
  5. furnish to the CREWES staff a copy of software developed in their research, for transfer to sponsors;
  6. prepare one poster per term, for display at the Sponsors Meeting and the CSEG and SEG Conventions; and
  7. be full-time students at least until they have a significant portion of their thesis written, or have made specific arrangements with their supervisor.