CREWES is an applied geophysical research group concentrating on the acquisition, analysis, inversion and interpretation of multicomponent seismic data. We are located in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary.

Working with industry partners (List of Sponsors), we conduct advanced research in resource exploration and development. Our goal is to obtain improved 3-D geological images of the subsurface.

CREWES traces its origin to the year 1988 when Professors Rob Stewart, Don Lawton, and Jim Brown decided that the University-Industry consortium model could work in Canada to fund research and training in exploration seismology. We now have 33 years of history to document the clarity of their vision. Over this period, CREWES has seen the successful completion of 129 Masters degrees and 56 PhD`s. There have been 1972 CREWES research reports, resulting in 878 expanded (4-page) abstracts presented at geophysical conventions.

The Original Three

Don Lawton, Jim Brown, and Rob Stewart