Dr. Daniel Trad

Associate Director

Daniel Trad came to the University of Calgary in July 2016 and joined the Department of Geoscience as an Associate Professor and Chair in Exploration Geophysics, and CREWES Project as an Associate Director.

He comes from working many years in the industry as a geophysical researcher and developer. He specializes in signal processing and inversion, in particular in applications to improving seismic data through inverting transformations that contain the physics of seismic acquisition and wave propagation. He has developed several software packages and modules for seismic processing and migration-inversion. His pioneering work on five-dimensional interpolation has become widely used worldwide. Daniel shares a passion for both geophysics and computer programming, and intends to bring closer collaboration between CREWES and sponsors by creating industry style software to allow quick testing in real data processing.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of British Columbia (2001). He worked in Argentina and Brazil in electromagnetic methods (1993-1997), and then moved to Canada where he worked for Veritas (later CGGVeritas and now CGG) from 2003 to the 2015. From 2010 to 2012 he worked for the CGGVeritas dedicated processing center for Total (Pau, France). From 2015 until joining the academia he worked as a private software contractor and then as a programmer for Techco Geophysical Services.

His main areas of research have been signal processing, interpolation and more recently least squares migration for multicomponent processing. He received the 2011 CSEG technical achievement award for his work in Five Dimensional Interpolation.

E-mail: danieltraducalgaryca