Kevin Hall

Technical Manager

Kevin Hall received his B.Sc. and geophysics from the University of Calgary. Kevin then worked for the Lithoprobe Seismic Processing Facility (LSPF) under the supervision of Dr. Fred Cook, and was involved in seismic reflection and refraction field-work, software development, and data processing for the Alberta Basement, SNORCLE and Western Superior Transects.

As Lithoprobe was winding down, Kevin was offered a job with CREWES if he would accept payment in coffee (Thanks Henry Bland!). Fortunately, the coffee offer was later upgraded to a monetary offer as CREWES needed someone who had experience with large datasets (Thanks Dr. Rob Stewart!). Kevin’s first CREWES dataset was a 10x10 cm 3D over a physical model.

Kevin has worked for CREWES since 2001, and has been the Technical Manager of CREWES since 2008. His many tasks include maintaining the computer cluster, software development, saving students from computer meltdowns, and coordinating our seismic acquisition activities. In his spare time he enjoys going to the Rocky Mountains with his family either to hike, ski or participate in biathlon.

E-mail: kwhallucalgaryca