David Henley

Research Geophysicist

Dave Henley received his B.Sc. in physics from Colorado State University in Fort Collins and his M.Sc. from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His Ph.D. program was interrupted by the US Selective Service (also known as the Draft Board), which notified him of his ‘eligibility’ to serve in the US Army. He accepted a position as a geophysicist with Shell in Denver, and worked there for a year before being inducted into the US Army. Returning to Shell after the Army, Dave spent two years in Midland, Texas, and another four years in Houston at the Bellaire Research Centre, before being invited to immigrate to Canada. Dave spent the next twenty years at Shell Canada doing R & D in seismic techniques before retiring in 1998.

Dave’s CREWES experience began in 1999, where he has worked part-time ever since. His particular areas of interest and expertise are high-resolution acquisition techniques, coherent noise attenuation, and novel statics correction techniques, and he has presented several papers and journal articles on those topics. The rest of Dave’s part-time week is filled with various interests and activities including: light mountaineering (not so much anymore); woodcarving; playing violin; singing in the church choir; and road cycling (including a couple of trips to France to ride the famous passes). Dave is recognizable by his ‘shine’, which is the most extensive of any CREWES faculty or staff!

E-mail: dhenleyucalgaryca