Dr. Joe Wong

Research Geophysicist

Dr. Joe Wong joined the CREWES staff in March 2006. Dr. Wong received his B.Sc. degree (Physics/Mathematics, 1971) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees (Applied Geophysics, 1973, 1979) from the University of Toronto. His professional career includes stints as a research geophysicist involved in the development of cross-borehole seismic scanning instrumentation at the University of Toronto, and as a staff geophysicist with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment engaged in supporting hydrogeological projects. More recently, he has been active as a consultant and contractor to various clients in the fields of mining exploration and geotechnical engineering.

He has had an abiding interest in electromagnetic methods and cross-borehole seismic tomography. He developed the CORRSEIS cross-borehole seismic system, which most notably has been used successfully for the delineation of massive sulfide ore deposits in igneous rock. As a member of CREWES, Dr. Wong will support the team’s research on 3- component VSP and reverse VSP, crosswell seismic data analysis, passive seismic monitoring, and physical scale modeling in seismology.

E-mail: wongjoeucalgaryca