Scott Hess

Ph.D. Student
Supervisor: Kris Innanen/Roman Shor

Scott Hess completed a thesis based M.Sc. in geophysics at Boise State University in 2006 with his supervisor Dr. John Bradford. His thesis research was focused on characterization of an active geothermal hot springs using 3D seismic data. After graduate school, Scott worked at Equinor for 15 years in various geophysical roles including research, exploration, operations, and development.

Scott is passionate about turning natural resources into energy and energy transition. In September 2021, he started his PhD with Dr. Kris Innanen. He will be working with the Geothermal Energy Lab research team led by Dr. Roman Shor and his research will be focused on parameter estimation and digital twinning of hard rock drilling for advanced geothermal systems funded by NSERC in collaboration with Eavor Technologies.

E-mail: scotthessucalgaryca