AVO developments applied to Blackfoot 3C-2D broadband line

Yong Xu

This thesis evaluates and refines AVO analysis of the data from 3C-2D broadband line in Blackfoot using the vertical and radial components data. AVO attributes and elastic parameters are studied for the hydrocarbon indication and lithology differentiation in the thesis.

The P-S reflection coefficient is studied to look for a formula for analysis of the radial component data. The sensitivities of Lame's parameters to hydrocarbon saturation and lithogic changes is studied. The method to extract Lame's parameter information is presented. The noise issue in the AVO analysis is studied.

Four wells with shear sonic logs in Blackfoot are analyzed to extract a linear relationship between P wave velocity and S wave velocity. This linear trend is used to calculate the anomalies from the P wave reflectivity and S wave reflectivity extracted from vertical component data, both CMP gathers and CSP gathers. Pure S wave reflectivity is extracted from radial component. Lame's parameters are extracted from vertical component. The AVO analysis results show a strong anomaly on the Glauconitic channel.