Processing of Multicomponent Seismic Data from West-Central Alberta

Hussain Aldhaw

Bigstone 3C3D was acquired in 2014 near Fox Creek, Alberta. The total volume acquired is 200 sq. km. A portion of approximately 44 of the total volume is selected and processed for PP and PS data from geometry to post stack time migration, including registering the events of P-P and P-S data. However, near surface is generally challenging for the P-S data as it is hard to pick first breaks. That is also related to velocity analysis as statics and velocity are dependent to each other.

In order to overcome this obstacle, we did further investigation to the near surface and used well data with P-wave velocities to give an optimum processed P-S data.

In addition, we investigated the binning of P-P and P-S synthetic data based on a nearby well to test the binning effect on some seismic attributes such as fold, azimuth distribution, offset distribution, etc.