CREWES Project computer system design

Catherine E. (Tina) Howell

The CREWES Project at the University of Calgary has a broad array of dedicated hardware and software in use. Hardware and software are available for many areas of geophysical research, especially seismic. The computer systems are being used to make models, load data, process data, interpret results, graph, analyse, display, print, and plot.

The main processing system is an IBM 4381 with IBM peripherals and an MVS/XA operating system. Western Geophysical Canada's complete processing system is in use. Associated machines include two IBM RT workstations, a SUN workstation, a Cyber 205, a Perkin-Elmer, PC's, and MAC's. The SUN workstation is networked to a Myrias parallel processor. The 2D and 3D Landmark interpretation package is available on an IBM RT. UNISEIS and SIERRA are two of the modeling packages in use. Most code development is being done in FORTRAN on various systems, but C is available. Many additional communication, graphing, windowing, analysing, wordprocessing, and geophysical tools are also in use.