A two-component reflection seismic survey, Springbank, Alberta

Donald C. Lawton, Mark Paul Harrison

A converted-wave (P-SV) reflection seismic survey was recorded in conjunction with a conventional (P-P) survey over the eastern flank of the triangle zone near Springbank in the Rocky Mountain foothills. The processed radial-component section contains reflections from as deep as the PreCambrian basement, as well as from very shallow reflectors in Tertiary rocks. The vertical component data show clearly the eastern limit of deformation in the triangle zone, and the section obtained from data recorded with the vertical-component of single, 3-component geophones is comparable to that obtained from data collected using conventional geophone arrays.

Static corrections for the radial-component data set are uncorrelated with those for the vertical-component data set and residual shear-wave statics of up to 90 ms were calculated during the processing of the radial-component data. Reflections in the radial-component sections were enhanced considerably by the application of post-stack f-x and f-k filters.