Seismic modeling of Pekisko porosity

Kelly Dale Hrabi, Donald C. Lawton

Seismic data have been acquired over a localized Pekisko structure which has secondary porosity development due to the dolomitization of Pekisko limestone. A seismic amplitude anomaly occurs at the Pekisko level in this structure.

A series of normal incidence P-P models and non-normal incidence P-P and P-SV synthetic gathers were produced to test the seismic response of Pekisko porosity development. The development of Pekisko porosity produces a decline in the amplitude of the Pekisko event on normal incidence models and produces a decrease in amplitude of the Pekisko event with increasing offset on the synthetic gathers.

This modeling indicates that the seismic amplitude anomaly on the seismic data in this area could be caused by Pekisko porosity development.