P-SV studies in a Foothills environment

Chakrit Sukaramongkol, Donald C. Lawton

Preliminary synthetic seismic reflection data, both conventional P-P and converted P-SV, have been acquired from a numerical model of a thrust fault ( Highwood structure) in Turner Valley southwest of Calgary. The model used in this experiment is based on the interpretation of a seismic line NCD-0007 by Mackay (1990).

The P-SV data were analysed and compared with the P-P data in terms of the feasibility of using P-SV data to assist in delineating complex subsurface geology in thrust belts. The preliminary results of this experiment show that P-SV data may be useful in elucidating the subsurface geology when integrated with the conventional P-P data. However, it is observed that P-SV data, when acquired over a near surface, high-velocity material, do not yield a clear image of the shallow part of the subsurface.