The Lithoprobe regional three-component experiment in Southern Alberta

R. James Brown, David W. S. Eaton, Eric V. Gallant, Donald C. Lawton, Gary F. Margrave, Arie J. van der Velden

As an augmentation of LITHOPROBE's southern Alberta transects (SALT) in general, and the Vibroseis augmented listen time (VAuLT) experiment in particular, a pair of 3- C spreads were shot with extended listen times (55 s) in mid-October 1995 near Claresholm, Alberta. Our objectives in proposing this survey were: (1) determination of crustal Poisson's ratio; (2) regional P-SV analysis of the sedimentary basin; (3) study of crustal and upper mantle anisotropy; (4) determination of crustal attenuation properties for both P and S waves. At present, only a few sample shot records have been correlated, of which two are here illustrated.