Seismic interpretation of the White Valley structure: A possible meteorite impact crater

Hans-Henrik Westbroek, Robert R. Stewart

The White Valley structure in Southwestern Saskatchewan is a major anomaly evident on four 2-D seismic lines. Two of these lines, WV-021 and WV-017, are presented in this paper. The structure has many of the morphological characteristics of a complex impact crater. It has an outer raised rim, annular synform and a raised central uplift. The rim of the structure shows many normal faults indicative of extension during the uplift phase of crater formation. The maximum depth of the structure is estimated at 1300m. The structure disrupts mainly Late Cretaceous rocks giving an age of impact of less than 75Ma. The seismic shows the feature to be about 6km wide with a 4km diameter inner trough and a 3km circular uplift.