The Blackfoot broad-band 3-C seismic survey: Introduction

Robert R. Stewart

A set of 2-D seismic lines were acquired over the Blackfoot field near Strathmore, Alberta. These lines included a variety of geophones (2-C 2 Hz, 3-C 4.5 Hz, 3-C 10 Hz, vertical 10 Hz strings) deployed across a line of 4 km. The source was a 6 kg charge of dynamite at 18 m depth. The survey was undertaken as a geophone comparison test, to image a glauconitic sandstone reservoir, and to help design parameters for a subsequent 3C-3D survey. Preliminary P-P and P-S sections both show the primary target (the glauconitic sand) and a deeper area of interest, the Devonian carbonates. Sections resulting from the different geophones appear to be quite similar. The glauconitic sand channel is also evident on both P-P and P-S sections. Common offset panels and decimated sections were very helpful in designing the follow-on 3C-3D surevy.