Processing the Blackfoot broad-band 3-C seismic data

Stan J. Gorek, Robert R. Stewart, Mark Paul Harrison

During early July, 1995, a large volume of 2-D three-component seismic data was acquired over the Blackfoot field east of Calgary. Acquisition details for this survey are provided in previous chapters. From the field, raw data on 3480 cartridges was sent to storage where it was also copied and consolidated into four 8mm tapes. Both formats are available to sponsors. The data was brought in-house to CREWES to be further merged and sorted into sets of 2Hz, 4.5Hz, 10Hz, and 10Hz array subsets. Each of these is on a single 8mm tape to provide an easier alternative access to sponsors.

Geometries, refraction and residual statics files, and velocity files were generated and quality control displays and stacks were obtained. These should provide useful in-puts for further research by CREWES staff.

The data was also sent to an experienced contractor, Sensor Geophysical Ltd. and processed through complete conventional and converted wave flows.