Formation elastic parameters and synthetic P-P and P-S seismograms for the Blackfoot field

Colin C. Potter, Gary F. Margrave, Susan L. M. Miller

Formation elastic parameters were calculated from blocked P-wave sonic, S-wave sonic, and density logs from four wells in the Blackfoot Field. These data and cross plots of well log data from the Glauconitic channel showed a tendency for Vp/Vs to increase with shale content. This is primarily due to a decrease in Vs with increasing shaliness. Low Vp/Vs is a good diagnostic indicator of clean reservoir sand. P-P and P-S offset synthetic seismograms from these four wells were correlated to the Blackfoot 3C-3D survey at the well locations. Quality of correlation varied between synthetic seismograms and stacked data. There was good overall P-P and P-S correlation for the 08-08 and 12-16 wells, and the P-S correlation was superior to the P-P in the 04-16 and 09-17 wells. A different bandpass filter for the 04-16 P-P synthetic stack results in better correlation.