New multi-component acquisition equipment: An initial report

Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram, Robert R. Stewart

Burial of seismic receivers promises to increase the recorded energy band. We have designed a three-component (3-C) geophone with a planting spike and retrieval cable that allows the geophone to be deployed in the near surface. In addition, we have used a 48-channel hydrophone cable in a vertical water well to record the near surface pressure field. These measurements were made as part of a high-resolution seismic survey conducted over the Blackfoot field in November, 1997. In addition to simplify the recording of 3-C seismic data, we have developed a cable with single plug (6-pin) connectors. This promises simplify the deployment of 3-C equipment and lessen the complication of recording of 3-C data. All of these developments are aimed at improving both conventional and multicomponent surface seismic.