Attenuation for TIV Media: An Experience with Osiris Modelling Software

Nasser S. Hamarbitan, Gary F. Margrave

Synthetic seismograms were created using Osiris modelling software. Assuming anisotropic media, a constant high value for Q was first used where we could recognize the amplitude of P waves decaying with offset and depth. Similarly for the converted waves the amplitude decays with depth but increases with offset. There was a phase change of 180 degrees for the converted waves. The effect of Q factors was noticeablein both P and PS seismograms, when different values of Q were used in the process in the case of isotropic media.

The transverse isotropic media was assumed in the modelling with different values of Q. The seismograms showed a frequency losses and phase changes for both reflected P waves and converted waves as a result of both Q factors and the existing of TI media.