New developments in the SYNTH algorithm

Jeffrey A. Larsen, Gary F. Margrave, Darren S. Foltinek

An upgrade of the SYNTH algorithm has been developed which includes severalnew features and bug fixes. These new features include the ability to import las (log ASCII standard) logs, a normal moveout and a normal moveout removed option to better simulate the effects of NMO removal. In addition to these options are more realistic attenuation effects including transmission losses, spherical divergence andsimple Q attenuation. Further developments to the user interface of SYNTH also make it easier to view the parameters used to generate the synthetic. SYNTH currently uses a robust MATLAB based platform capable of simulating many earth effects to create synthetic P-P or P-SV offset gathers. SYNTH also interacts with other MATLAB based programs for editing well logs (LOGEDIT), creating wavelets (WAVELETED) and creating well log cross sections (LOGSEC).