The Shaganappi geotechnical experiments: 2-D and 3-D multicomponent seismic surveys and geologic logs

Henry C. Bland, Robert R. Stewart, Han-xing Lu, Andreas Cordsen, Mike Werner

A set of 3-C seismic surveys were conducted from February to June, 1998 on the west end of the University of Calgary campus. This fieldwork, called the Shaganappi 3 surveys, included two 3C-2D lines shot with a P and S vibrating source and a thumper. In addition, a high-resolution 3C-3D seismic survey, 200m x 300m, was conducted with a mini-vibrator. A shallow well was drilled on the north end of the 3C-3D survey to provide geologic information for correlation with the seismic results. We conclude that viable and useful images can be acquired using these configurations and standard processing methods when scaled down to this smaller geometry. Air-wave noise is a problem on all of the data sets. The P-wave data correlate reasonably well among sections from different sources and geometries. The sections also have an interpretable resemblance to geologic reports from the well.