Simultaneous P-P and P-S inversion by weighted stacking applied to the Blackfoot 3C-3D survey

Jeffrey A. Larsen, Gary F. Margrave, Han-xing Lu, Colin C. Potter

A joint P-P and P-S weighted stacking method has been implemented to extract elastic parameters from multi-component seismic data. This method uses separately processed P-P and P-S data volumes, each consisting of a series of migrated limited-offset data volumes. These offset data volumes for the P-P and P-S datasets (each representing an offset range at the target of interest) are then weighted and summed to form two separate data volumes representing fractional P-wave and shear velocity estimates. These data volumes can thus be used to correlate anomalous P-wave and shear velocities that can thus be related to lithology and pore fluid content changes. This method is compared to a stand-alone P-wave weighted stacking method using the reprocessed Blackfoot 3C-3D data. Initial results show that the inclusion of P-S data gives similar or better results than standard P-wave methods alone.