Reprocessing the Blackfoot 3C-3D seismic data

Han-xing Lu, Gary F. Margrave

In November 1995, a 3C-3D survey was conducted over the Blackfoot field located near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada (T23 R23 W5M). The seismic processing was performed by Pulsonic Geophysical and Sensor Geophysical in 1996. Pulsonic processed the entire dataset whereas Sensor processed only the Glauconitic patch. The seismic survey is shown in Figure 1.

The results are quite similar on major events, but the Glauconitic results have higher signal band. Reprocessing Blackfoot 3C-3D attempted to achieve a high signal band for all the data set and to yield CDP gathers for AVO analysis and several offset-limited migrated 3D volumes for P-P and P-SV joint analysis.

Only the results of reprocessing the Glauconitic patch are presented here. The initial results for the vertical component were obtained by a conventional P-wave processing procedure. The results for the radial component include migrated, ACP (asymptotic conversion point binning) stacked section, migrated converted-wave DMO stacked section and migrated converted-wave depth-variant stacked section.