Interpreting the Hotchkiss structure: A possible meteorite impact feature in Northwestern Alberta

Michael James Mazur, Robert R. Stewart

The Hotchkiss structure in NW Alberta is an enigmatic feature whose appearance on seismic data closely resembles that of a complex impact crater. Using a single 2-D seismic line, this study interprets the current extents of the feature, the pre-erosional dimensions, and possible drilling locations. The current size of the area of disturbance is 3.5 km in across and 400m thick. Using well established scaling relations, the Hotchkiss structure is estimated to have been 4.5 km in diameter and 500 m deep at the time of formation between 120 and 330 million years ago. The Gething-Debolt unconformity marks a period of erosion during which an estimated 500 m of the structure was eroded.