Single-well imaging using the full waveform of an acoustic sonic

Louis Chabot, David C. Henley, R. James Brown

This work looks at single-well imaging using the full waveform as acquired by an acoustic well-logging tool. This work begins by presenting the known theory of the propagation of acoustic waves in a fluid-filled borehole. Next, with the help of 2-D numerical finite-difference modelling, an insight into the theory is developed. Once this step is completed, a scaled physical model of a borehole is to be built, in which full waveform surveys will be conducted to understand the 3-D nature of the problem. After those numerical and physical studies are completed, techniques will be developed for the processing of the full waveforms into inimageslg. Those methods will be calibrated and tested not only on simulated data sets but also on real field data sets. The ultimate goal of this work is to image acoustic-impedance anomalies beyond the borehole wall and thus gain a better picture of the reservoir characteristics around the borehole.