Multicomponent VSP and lake-bottom cable surveys: Pike's Peak, Saskatchewan

Robert R. Stewart, Laurence R. Lines, Lawrence E. Mewhort

This paper outlines two multicomponent seismic (VSP and lake-bottom cable) surveys conducted at the Pike's Peak heavy oilfield, Saskatchewan. The VSP survey used a 5-level 3-component tool to acquire data from depths of 515 m to 27.5 m. A 40,000 lb vertical vibrator shook at a zero-offset position as well as five offset locations from 90 m to 450 m from the well-head. The vibrator used a linear sweep from 8 Hz to 200 Hz. Very good data were recorded. The VSP tool was deployed horizontally (as a lake-bottom cable) in a small nearby lake. The cable was winched in to 29 locations across the lake, recording the sources at 5 locations for each cable position. The horizontal VSP geophones (now in the vertical plane) recorded reasonable data with frequencies up to about 80 Hz.