Preliminary multicomponent seismic analysis over the Steen River structure, Northern Alberta

Robert R. Stewart, Michael James Mazur, Alan R. Hildebrand

In February, 2000, a 6.0 km 3-C seismic line was acquired over the western rim of the Steen River structure in northern Alberta by Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. and the CREWES Project. A dynamite source (1.0 kg at 9 m depth) was recorded by single 10 Hz 3-C geophones offset up to 2820 m. The multicomponent data acquired were very good and were processed to final migration through a sophisticated flow by Sensor Geophysical Ltd. Shallow strata are particularly well imaged by the P-S data as is the pre-Cretaceous unconformity. Deeper, complicated and faulted structure is apparent on both sections but better defined on the P-P data at this point.